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Breast Cancer Case

"In 2004, a woman diagnosed with breast cancer, using the traditional diagnostic tools of mammogram and MRI, underwent reconstructive surgery to build up the affected breast that had been removed through the previous mastectomy. This procedure required the transplantation of tissue from the unaffected, right breast to the area to be reconstructed on the left side. However, the lab results indicated that the right breast was also affected by cancer, as the cancer had metastasized from the left breast to the right.

Follow-up diagnosis using mammogram and MRI did not confirm the lab results; the radiologist sent her a report giving her a clean bill of health! The woman then underwent a CRT scan. It indicated what the mammogram and MRI failed to show: cancer in the right breast. The second breast was also removed and the patient is alive and well today."

Dr. Tony Mulberg 
Kachina Healing Center, Prescott, AZ 

A Complete Visual on Health

"I use the CRT daily as a tool to conduct in-depth diagnoses and therapy. Additionally, it allows me to receive a complete picture, not just a partial one, of the patient’s health. It helps me recognize the links between physical and psychological disorders. I do not know of any other diagnostic tool that can demonstrate the regulation capability of humans like the CRT can."

Dr. Winfried Brinz, MD
Munich, Germany