Eidam Welcomes Dr. Thomas Rau to Advisory Council

Eidam Diagnostics Corporation welcomes Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D., as Senior Advisor on its Advisory Council.

Richmond, BC – March 2, 2007

Eidam Diagnostics Corporation welcomes Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D., of the Paracelsus Klinik and the Paracelsus Biological Medicine Network as its Senior Advisor on the Advisory Council. 

Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D. is the Chief Medical Director of the Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland, and founder of Paracelsus Biological Medicine. He attended medical school at Berne University and also passed the final medical examination in the USA. He has worked as a hospital physician in rheumatology, internal and general medicine. From 1981 to 1992, Dr. Rau was the Medical Director of a Swiss clinic for rheumatology and rehabilitation medicine. He then trained in homeopathy and many natural therapies. Dr. Rau teaches naturopathic healing methods, dietary, neural and isopathic therapies. 

Since 1992, Dr. Rau has served as Chief Medical Director and part owner of the Paracelsus Klinik, Center for Paracelsus Biological Medicine and Dentistry in Lustmuhle, Switzerland. A first of its kind in Switzerland, the Paracelsus Klinik is widely recognized as a center of excellence for natural medicine. 

Dr. Rau is Founder and President of the Swiss Homotoxicological and Regulative Therapy Society and is a Board member of the International Society of Milieu Therapy, Isopathy and Enderlein Medicine. He is considered a leading expert in Enderlein therapy, Darkfield Microscopy, and Biologic tumor treatments. Dr. Rau's articles are widely published and he lectures internationally. He has recently had his first book of collected papers published. Dr. Rau is Co-Founder of the Paracelsus Biological Medicine Network. 

Dr. Rau has advocated and used the CRT 2000® in his practice and the Paracelsus clinic routinely. He currently executes a two year program in Biological Medicine to Doctors and practitioners in the USA and includes the education of contact regulation thermography and use of the CRT 2000®. 

Eidam Diagnostics and Dr. Rau are currently negotiating a formal business relationship combining Dr. Rau’s network in the USA (representing over 6000 doctors) and the education and distribution of the CRT 2000®. 

About Eidam Diagnostics Corporation 

Eidam Diagnostics Corporation is a privately held Canadian company headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, with offices in German and China. 

The company's primary product, the CRT 2000® Thermographic System is intended for use in preventative healthcare, and is able to detect the changes in the body's temperature regulation to produce data that can be used for adjunctive diagnosis of certain diseases. 

The CRT 2000® is the only contact thermography device of its kind in the world. It is non-invasive, emits no radiation, and can be used repeatedly for treatment monitoring. 

The CRT 2000® has obtained CE accreditation and has been listed as a US FDA 510(k) Class I medical device.

Eidam aims to prevent the progression of disease, by identifying the initial development of illnesses before symptoms manifest. 

For more information about Eidam Diagnostics Corporation, please contact Shelley Leonhardt, Senior Vice President, at (604) 304-6016 or visit our website at www.eidam.com